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She looks at me with crazy eyes, and states, ‘Do You Hear Who Is Singing? I’m 16, and the restaurant is packed, and I have nutso crying. Then Prince and George Michael died and I understood. If the last and worst act of the whole regime had come immediately after the first and the smallest, thousands, yes, millions would have been sufficiently shocked – if, let us say, the gassing of the Jews in ‘43 had come immediately after the ‘German Firm’ stickers on the windows of non-Jewish shops in ‘33.“But of course this isn't the way it happens.

I walk up to the front counter and a lady is inconsolable. I ask if she needs anything and begin investigating her tears. It was so much more traumatic for me, because I was so confused why she would be so upset. One day it is over his head.”But the one great shocking occasion, when tens or hundreds or thousands will join with you, never comes.“That’s the difficulty.

I hate when I hear people are going to some dog breeder to get a dog, instead of like the ASPCA, or a rescue place, etc.

The movies and actors were: Dustin Hoffman for Tootsie (1982); Julie Andrews and Robert Preston for Victor Victoria (1982) and John Lithgow for The World According to Garp (1982).

All the ways Dorsey gets fired or quits from a production actually happened to Dustin Hoffman.

The book was written by a Jewish man though (Ira Levin), so that makes me question if the theme was anti-semitic.

My mom is a huge drinker so most holidays are pretty miserable.

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