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Before long we were openly groping her and her husbands flushed face got redder when I made her suck my cock in the backyard.Soon after we took the mattress from their guest room bed and tossed it onto the dirty garage floor.Her husband was playing an 18 hole tournament and would be gone most of the day.She told me she didn’t want to make small talk with the other wives in the clubhouse, she wanted an afternoon of big black cock.Two weeks before his birthday she caught him looking at some porn site in the middle of his night with his Vienna-sausage beat to hell.

Her husband was surprised to see 5 guys he didn’t know at a BBQ where he was made to cook and serve us drinks.

His wife walked around like a total whore in short shorts and heels bending over in front of us while we sat around watching the ball game.

She wore a tiny tank top without a bra and her dark little areolas glistened through the white cotton as her hard nipples, the size of thick bullets, pierced the shirt.

Eventually she caught my eye and I slowly went over and asked her for a drink.

Her name was Alexandra and she was visiting the UK from London.

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