Community dating general

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A community can be small and local, as in a pond or city park, or it can be regional or global, as in a rain forest or the ocean.

Setzuso Kotsuji befriended the yeshiva’s rabbis and petitioned Japan’s Foreign Affairs minister to extend their twoweek visas to eight months.

The college does not practice or condone discrimination in any form against students, employees, or applicants on the grounds of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, disability, or political affiliation consistent with those laws which affect the institution.

Please contact the Human Resource department or the Office of Vice President of Student Services for discrimination concerns.

Up until WWII, Jews flocked to the port city from Poland, Russia, Germany and the Middle East due to its wealth and trading opportunities.

As was often the case in Jewish history, Jews were predominantly involved in mercantile businesses because of limitations imposed upon then by their home countries, and working in trade allowed them to prosper without settling down.

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