Earth radiometric dating

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There is plenty of evidence for the Big Bang, as described in the above (in the overview, Cosmo 101, Phillips, Wright) and by Hugh Ross & TO (brief) & Talk Origins (in depth), plus responses to 10 Problems for the Big Bang (Richard Deem) and Complexity & The Second Law (Craig Rusbult).David Berlinski (OE) wonders what happened before the beginning and Apologetics Press (YE, A B) describes science history and science.• John Morris proposes major geological changes during Creation Week and Noah's Flood.• Tas Walker offers a 12-page series about Biblical Geology. • claims for young-earth evidence (from geology, radiometric dating, astronomy,...) by Russell Humphreys and Carl Wieland and Jonathan Sarfati.• Hill Roberts — Evidences (*) That Have Led Many Scientists to Accept An Ancient Date for Creation of the Earth and Universe.(* from geology, radiometric dating, plate tectonics, astronomy, and the Bible) • David Leveson explains how scientists determine the relative ages and absolute ages of rock formations.Another response is to claim that their own logical analysis of the evidence is better than the conventional analysis: Tas Walker responds to old-earth arguments and there is a 3-part series (OE YE OE) about The Problems of Flood Geology by Mark Isaak (OE) & Jonathan Sarfati (YE) & Brad Henke (OE), and a comprehensive page about The Fossil Record by Sean Pitman.

The overviews & responses above also include some astronomy, especially in Humphreys (topics 1-3), and TO's Topic-List & Tiscareno (astronomy plus the final topic in page, Star Distances).

• a summary (by Ashby Camp) of ideas in Faith, Form and Time (a book by Kurt Wise, a prominent young-earth scientist).

• and within the community of young-earth creation scientists, debates about theories and approaches.

Two young-earth models (for plate tectonics & radiometric dating) are evaluated by Deborah Haarsma & Loren Haarsma and Greg Neyman examines catastrophic plate tectonics and provides links (1 at start, 7 at end) where you can learn more.

Twenty young-earth books are reviewed by Greg Neyman & others who explain why Hundreds of questions — about the when and how of origins, in areas of geology, physics, astronomy, biology, and beyond — were examined by Mark Isaak (for Talk Origins) and then Greg Neyman (for Answers in Creation),who give brief responses () that are labeled "TO" and "Ai C" in the topics-table below.

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