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At MIT, Anna worked with a team that constructed cars—in particular, a solar-powered car that they raced across Australia. Anna also owns three sewing machines and can whip up a pleated skirt, a silk vest, a velvet shawl of royal blue fringed with tassels of black. Anna has, so far, made about 15 three-by-three-inch copper-and-glass squares, which she links together by drilling two tiny holes in each square and attaching them together with miniature gold hoops.

Her spools of thread are lined up along her windows: magenta, purple, gold. The glass scales drape over my arm, cool and clanking, soon to be the bodice; this dress, slipped over the head and waterfalling over the body.

He knows about my relationship and seems not to much care.

"As long as you're not with a man," he said, "it's fine with me." Wounding words that sent me straight back to my love, to my Ahhhna. For starters, I like that with a woman you don't have intercourse.

The bar had a dance floor, and lights swirled—pink and violet rays bending and flashing over dyads of women moving in the middle. I backed all the way to the door and then opened it, fleeing into the street, into the cold and clean winter air.

We talk about Moonshine, her horse, and Napollo, mine. I study her nails, which gleam like the interior of an oyster shell.We eat the food she has cooked me—and I realize with each forkful that it has been a long, long time since anyone has cooked for me, and no one has ever cooked for me with such panache, such freshness, the garden coming into the kitchen.At home with my husband, he sometimes cooks, but the meals are from the freezer, the fish breaded and processed, the beans swimming in butter.I tell her I don't like snakes, and she asks me if I like geckos. I slide my thumb up and down slowly between her fingers.I circle her knuckles, turning her hand over and over and always going back to the long, slow stroke, which is, of course, physical and metaphorical, alluding to something more.

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