Miranda cosgrove dating dating bipolar

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Well, that's not the case for some of your fave stars who actually experienced their first kiss on camera. "My first kiss was actually on-screen, which I don’t consider my first kiss," Hailee spilled in an interview.

"It was a student thesis graduate film called , and I had to kiss two guys in it – and that was a lot for me.

Yep, that's right – and Miranda even admitted in an interview that her kiss with Nathan was incredibly memorable.

Lil Pump sent his social media followers into a frenzy with a, shall we say, interesting confession earlier today.

Born in Los Angeles, California, as the only child of Tom (owner of the dry-cleaning business) and Chris (a homemaker), Miranda is of English, Irish, and French descent.

The actress' very first lip-locking moment with actually with Nathan Kress. My dog Pearl passed away when I was 17, and she was the best dog in the whole world. When you work through something and you're able to get over it, it's like freeing yourself. It's easy to get upset about little things, but it's always better to just forgive and forget. If you have always wanted to try something but you're too scared, don't be. If you like somebody, don't wait forever to talk to them.

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