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Some of the questions touched upon, or perceived by the listener may include: Why are we here on this planet? Have we forgotten who we really are and the power that resides in every single living soul?Touching on these kind of subjects, especially within music, is quite a risky move, even for a project as different as Nordic Giants.Everyone has a different perception of reality and a distinct perspective on the meaning of our existence as a species.We wanted to touch upon deeper questions than we have done in previous releases and link the themes directly with the film for more impact. Do we live in an illusory world simply going through day-to-day business as usual motions?The undulating, timber-clad building, designed by architects Schmidt Hammer Lassen, echoes the form and movement of the nearby fjord, icebergs and the northern lights.“Katuaq was built at a time when there was growing focus on the country’s own culture,” says the director, Julia Pars.“Katuaq is like a musical instrument that can begin to play at any moment,” says Pars.“During the day it’s full of dreams – at night it acts like a magnetic field, drawing people into the light.” Creative expression in modern-day Nuuk takes many forms, from exceptional “new-Nordic” cuisine or artisan craft beer made with glacial ice, to video installations and street art.

The soundtrack starts with the message “We’re not going to go silently into the gentle night” (Terence Mc Kenna).“It’s been a privilege to work on the [apartment] block, especially as it symbolised another time and migration.” His artwork was inspired by a photograph taken in 1906 of a hunter who was relocated from a smaller community to Nuuk as part of a Danish objective to “modernise” Greenland.The artworks, says Sarah Thode Andersen from Sermersooq Business Council, symbolise “Colourful Nuuk” – the branding initiative recently launched to promote the capital.Staying there Hotel Hans Egede ( is ideally placed in the centre of town and is home to Sarfalik, the best restaurant in Nuuk, which boasts unbeatable views of the surrounding city, mountains and fjord. The choice of featured speakers was not taken lightly but came down to a mix of different themes, ideas and views as well as different ages, countries and backgrounds.

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