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While they have remained amicable throughout, Jessica later faced fresh agony as it was revealed Nick had enjoyed a brief romance with Emmerdae's Gemma Oaten while they were apart.

But in a new interview, she has revealed they have reconciled and are dating again. We are taking it slowly,” she told the Daily Mirror. In a way it feels like entering a new relationship. It is butterflies feelings, but with the added security of someone who has always been there for you.” Jessica admitted they decided to part ways in January due to conflicting work schedules, insisting it wasn't due to a lack of "love and respect" - and even revealed Nick has wanted to get back together for some time.

Meanwhile, while the couple were separated, Nick enjoyed a short fling with Gemma, but Jessica dismissed it - insisting it wasn't a "big thing".

The couple moved to Spain shortly after tying the knot in 2012, and Jessica admitted to the newspaper that "outside pressures" got to them - often resulting in rows.Communicate with your personal dating coach via email whenever you want and as much as you need.No appointments, scheduling conflicts or expensive sessions.Just unlimited email messaging for one low flat fee.Our select team of dating coaches at Datingcoach SOS is led by Arnie Singer, author of From I to I Do and a successful private dating coach and relationship coach for almost 10 years.

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