Symantec intrusion prevention signatures not updating

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Pros: Comprehensive, centrally managed business endpoint security. We use Kaseya, and I would like to be able to avoid using the local management to manage all endpoints.

I do like the ability that I can sort of customize the install package for mass deployment (we use it with SCCM and its flawless), it will allow me to pick the group of computers that I want the laptop or desktop to belong to and I push that package during our SCCM task sequence, and after that I don't have to login to the symantec portal to move it, or manage it since my policies are already established. This goes especially when new clients are introduced in an environment with slower bandwidth. Cons: It provides a firewall and an intrusion prevention system to prevent intrusion attacks and malware content from reaching the computer that runs the client software.Cons: The cost is high, however what price can you put on protecting your computer.Both at home and work, everything I need is on my computer, so without a program to protect it, life would be pretty nerve-wrecking.There are quite a few free services that are out there which provide great protection (that is if you don't mind the adds and reminders).Also, from a network administration point, I've noticed the database crashing every few weeks, so it's not terribly unstable - but there are some issues to be aware of.

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