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By William Steiger UCF Forum columnist Online advertising flooded into my computer and phone during the holiday-selling season: banner ads, email advertising including spam, Facebook ads, sponsored tweets, rich-media ads, pop-ups and pop-unders and my personal favorite: pre-video ads that slow me down when I'm checking out the sports highlights from the previous night.

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Within one hour, I had a tile ad on my web browser for belts, socks and shoes to go with the slacks. This tracking is being extended into the bricks and mortar retailers, as well.An acquaintance who works for a technology-research business told me the analytics to process and make sense of data captured from online habits is moving faster and faster.It is giving the end-user the tools to evaluate the data and operationalize a marketing solution online.I'm also grateful that the "cold call" messages are more targeted to products and services that match my age and consumer behavior.I rarely receive online ads for speed dating, music that I've never heard of, or nightclubs that open after I'm already in bed.

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