Updating one column table another column

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This topic describes how to copy columns from one table to another, copying either just the column definition, or the definition and data in SQL Server 2017 by using SQL Server Management Studio or Transact-SQL.In This Topic When you copy a column that has an alias data type from one database to another, the alias data type may not be available in the destination database.This will generate UPDATE statements for all columns used in the query with a WHERE clause based on the keys defined in the query (date_from, date_to).

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Regards, hello jim, the code above you mentioned just updated the destination column with only First Row Value.... yes no none (etc..) your suggested code updated all T1with 'yes' where i have different values for 11k rows....If it is incorrect, then you can get wrong results.The reason I am mentioning this is because I have seen people write wrong where clauses and then wondering what went wrong because they specified the correct condition in the SET clause. My source is a SQL object that contains a complex sql query that returns three columns date_from, date_to and ID.I tried many ways to update the table, but it I couldn't ;(I should read from a table and update it based on a look-up function mapped to the column I need to update.

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