Vashi dating

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The French-inspired décor is quirky and pretty –think gauzy curtains, chandeliers, fairy lights, a spot of fuchsia furnishing and an entire wall of crumbling vintage suitcases.Chef Irfan Pabaney's food is largely European with a touch of whimsy, so you taste deliciously odd dishes such as roasted red grape and beer ricotta in ragi baguette and braised sesame and anise pork belly.

Dome Dome teeters on the rooftop of the Intercontinental Hotel.Peeling walls, wooden chairs, faded old photographs and bare brick walls don’t sound very romantic but at PVC, they all come together to create an impossibly atmospheric vibe.For an even more intimate experience, climb up the twirling staircase to the balcony on the mezzanine, where you'll find perfectly private two-seater tables.Spread across the 34th floor of the Four Seasons hotel, the open-air lounge is where Mumbai's well-heeled congregate.After all, there's really nothing more romantic than mezzes and mojitos under the stars, is there? The Tasting Room Sitting comfortably above Lower Parel's stylish lifestyle store Good Earth, is The Tasting Room.

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