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The upside of the plugin is that they can have that without having to add any others, or purchase any premium plugins. Most of the time, the alternatives are single solutions for single features.

Of course, even with the ability to turn on and off these features, aren’t there other products that are available to do some of these things? The one exception I know of is called Slimpack and it has a series of features like Jetpack all wrapped up into one plugin.

Other than which host to use, the only other question I hear most from both beginners and advanced users is whether using the Word Press Jetpack plugin will help or hurt their site.

There’s an old Chris Rock comedy sketch (Cheap Pete – not suitable for children) where Chris is trying to buy an Audi.

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But that idea, of a ton of other features, is what scares people.

It moves over other servers, they agree, but those servers are only doing the work that you know of.

This has caused some people some stress – because just because no one is doing something now doesn’t mean they might not do something in the future.

But that also means that some amount of your data or content is moving thru servers you don’t run (or pay for).

The people I know and trust who work on this product have assured me that if you use Photon (the image CDN), for example, the image you upload to your site gets processed on another server before you get the compressed version, but that they don’t do anything with the image (from capturing its metadata to tracking anything about it).

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